Storytime Classes at Wadsworth Library

Books and Babies

Tuesdays 10:15-10:45 am

Books and Babies is a lap-sit program designed to introduce children (birth – 2 years of age) to language and early literacy. Babies sit with their caregivers and model the activities presented through simple finger plays, songs, stories and nursery rhymes. Registration is required for this program.

Toddler Tales

Wednesdays 10:15-10:45 am

The Toddler Tales program is a blend of Books & Babies and Preschool Storytime activities. A variety of stories are combined with songs, rhymes, finger plays, crafts and free play. This program is appropriate for children ages 2-3 years old. Registration is required for this program.

Preschool Storytime

Tuesday 11:15-11:45 am

Wednesday 11:15 – 11:45 am

Storytime is directed at children ages 3-5 and includes books, songs, poetry, finger plays and crafts. Registration is required for this program.

Please register for all classes on our online calendar of events. For more information please contact the library at (585) 243-0440.

Things to Know:

  1. We open the doors to the children’s programming room at the time that the storytime is advertised for (ex: if you are here for a 11:15 Preschool Storytime, doors will open at 11:15 am on the dot). Please do not enter before the group! We do this for routine, so that kids waiting do not get too restless, and so that everyone can have the same experience of entering the storytime room. The exception is children’s programs that take place in the large meeting room in the basement. 
  2. We do not allow food or drink in the storytime room (with the exception of drinks in sealed, spill-proof containers). If you or the children in your care need a snack, please take it to the main children’s room to enjoy.
  3. Please leave toys from the main library room in the main library room during storytime — our train set does not need to attend storytime, and may be needed by other children not attending the program!
  4. Please save conversations with other adults for the playtime portion of storytime.
  5. If you arrive late, you are still welcome to attend a storytime program. If entering after a program has started, please be as respectful and as quiet as possible.
  6. Please silence and put away your cell phones before the program begins so that they will not be a disruption. We do not allow phone conversations during storytime, and would ask you to keep texting/silent phone usage to a minimum as well. If you must take a phone call, take it out to the lobby.
  7. We expect parents and caregivers to engage with the children in their care and with the songs and fingerplays we do in storytime. Participating is the best way to get children to engage!
  8. It is completely fine and natural for younger children to have a hard time staying still in a storytime. They are welcome to stand up, move around, and babble quietly–it comes with the territory! However, please keep them away from the doors, the personal space of other children and adults, and from the storytime presenter’s books and other materials.
  9. If your child is agitated or unable to stop crying for over a minute, consider taking them out of the storytime. You are always welcome to re-enter the program if/when their mood improves.
  10. Our storytime classes will generally have a playtime after the storytime. Please monitor your children while playing (and even play alongside them!) to ensure their safety and the safety of children around them.

    We are excited to have you at storytime! We understand that storytime can be a big learning curve for little ones just starting to attend, and want to make it a positive experience. If you have any concerns about what to expect, how to prepare, or how to help make storytime a positive experience for your little ones, please reach out.

    Contact children’s librarian Sarah Matthews at