No library card? No problem. Register for a digital card!

This just in! If you live in our service area (Ontario, Wayne, Wyoming, and Livingston counties) and don’t have a library card, you can now register for a digital card and borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines from our Overdrive collection. It just takes a few seconds to sign-up using your mobile number and start borrowing free digital titles. Visit to learn more.

Wadsworth Library closed until further notice

With concern high regarding safety and public health, Wadsworth Library takes social responsibility and our commitment very seriously to keeping our community healthy and safe. For that reason, Wadsworth Library will be closed until further notice. Due dates on items will be adjusted and no overdue fines will be charged during this period. The library book return will still be available for users wishing to return items. All scheduled programs have been cancelled.

Please stay tuned for updates on our website and our social media pages.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during what continues to be an unprecedented and fluid situation. As always, our decisions will continue to be made with the health and safety of staff members, library patrons and the community in mind.

Borrow an Empire Pass

Enjoy the colors of fall and go sightseeing throughout New York with free access to NY State Parks! Borrow an Empire Pass from Wadsworth Library for one week—get free day-use vehicle entry to most NY State Parks & DEC facilities. Ask us about it now!

Made possible by funding from Friends of Wadsworth Library